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Kenya Airways inaugurates flights to Liberia

Kenya Airways has launched its service to Liberia. The new service links Nairobi and Liberia’s Roberts International Airport (RIA).
The resumption of flights to Liberia by Kenya Airways, referred to as “Pride of Africa”, is seen as bridging of another gap in the country’s aviation program. Dozens of Kenyans resident in Liberia as well as many locals were on hand at TIA to witness the arrival of the maiden flight to Liberia.

In a prepared statement, Kenya Airways General Manager for Africa, Robert Owusu thanked the people of Liberia for what he called their “gracious hospitality” and added: “Africa stands at the heart of Kenya Airways’ current and future strategy,” he said. “As Africa’s leading carrier, we are determined to connect the whole of Africa not only with each other but also with the world.”

He described a “tremendous sense of pleasure” for Kenya Airways to provide the people of Liberia easier and direct connection to the rest of Africa and the world.

“We're also aware that the people of Liberia are one of West Africa’s leading traders,” Owusu said. “We're therefore giving you a convenient means to conduct business with your brothers and sisters in the rest of Africa.”

He urged Liberians to take advantage of the airline’s strong presence in East, Southern and Northern Africa, noting: “We're also opening the page for Nairobi-Monrovia travel and creating additional way for you to fly from Monrovia to Accra on Kenya Airways.”

Apart from the African flights, the Airline’s African Director said it will provide greater connectivity out of Africa to other trade destinations such as Asia and Europe.

Julius Dennis, Jr., General Manager of the Roberts International Airport (RIA), said the coming of the airways signifies a new day in Liberia’s airline domain.

As the nation’s only international airport, he noted that RIA has a role to play in the new day by revamping the airline industry in the country. He said they're endeavouring to ensure that achievement of goals becomes a reality as Liberia regains its lost respectable international standards.

Kenya Airways joins several other international flights currently flying the Liberian airspace, and there is a clear indication that travellers will now have wider options when planning trips to and from Liberia.