23 Oct 2017Basic Fire Safety CourseNairobi
23 Oct 2017Installation, Use and Maintenance DHIS2 CourseNairobi
23 Oct 2017Improving Health and Nutrition CourseNairobi
23 Oct 2017Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation with MS Projects CourseNairobi
30 Oct 2017Food borne Illness and Food Hygiene CourseNairobi
30 Oct 2017Prevention and Awareness of FGM CourseNairobi
30 Oct 2017Nutrition and Food Safety CourseNairobi
30 Oct 2017ICT for HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Reporting CourseNairobi
30 Oct 2017Climate Change and Human Health CourseNairobi
6 Nov 2017Mapping Nutrition Preparedness in Emergency CourseNairobi
6 Nov 2017Reproductive Health and Rights CourseNairobi
13 Nov 2017Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety CourseNairobi
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