28 May 2018Value Chain Development and Market Linkages CourseNairobi
28 May 2018Establishing and strengthening farmer organizations CourseNairobi
28 May 2018Prevention and Awareness of FGM CourseNairobi
28 May 2018Training Course On Diseases Surveillance And ReportingNairobi
28 May 2018M & E, Data Management & Analysis for Agriculture & Rural Development Programmes CourseNairobi
28 May 2018Shelter & Settlement Planning CourseNairobi
28 May 2018Flood Disaster Risk Management In A Changing Climate CourseNairobi
28 May 2018Disasters and Development CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Financial Management Using QuickBooks, Sage and Pastel CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018CSPro for Android and Smartphones CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Processing and Analysis of Data for Surveys/Assessment (Methodology and Software) CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Facilitating Proper Value Chain Development and Actor EmpowermentNairobi
4 Jun 2018Integrated Pest Management CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Establishing and strengthening farmer organisations courseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Causes and Minimisation of Post-Harvest Losses CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Climate Change and Agriculture CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018GIS Analysis for Health Sector Programmes CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018GIS and Statistical Analysis for WASH Programmes CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Macroeconomic Modelling and Forecasting CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Agriculture Statistics CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Training Course on Microsoft Excel for Health Care ProfessionalsNairobi
4 Jun 2018Labour Market Statistics and Labour Inspection CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Research Design, Data Management, Analysis, and Use CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Development Practice CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Principles and Practice of Research Data Management and Collection CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Nutrition and Food Safety CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Mental Health and Psychosocial Support CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Installation, use and Maintenance of DHIS2 CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Communication and Presentation Skills CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018The Art of Effective Listening for Support Officers CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Debt Collection and Credit Management CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Leveraging the Generation Gap CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Diseases Surveillance and Reporting CourseNairobi
4 Jun 2018Installation, Use and Management of OPENHDS and ODK CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Value for Money Assessment practice in Project Management CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Agribusiness CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Small-Scale Livestock Development and Extension Techniques CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Participatory M&E for Rural Development and Community Managed Programmes CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018GIS and Remote Sensing for Agricultural Resource Management CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018GIS and Remote Sensing for Epidemiology and Public Health CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Web-based GIS and Mapping CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Health System Decentralization CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Improving Health and Nutrition CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Human Resource for Health CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Public Health in WASH during Emergencies CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018M & E, Data Management & Analysis in Food Security & Nutrition Programmes CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Mapping Nutrition Preparedness in Emergency CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Agricultural Biotechnology CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Integrated Soil Health and Fertility Management CourseNairobi
11 Jun 2018Irrigation and Operational Maintenance CourseNairobi
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