26 Feb 2018Procurement and Supply Chain Management CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Establishing and strengthening farmer organizations CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Horticultural Production and Marketing CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Knowledge Management CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Crisis Preparation and Management CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Microsoft Excel for Health Care ProfessionalsNairobi
26 Feb 2018Web-based GIS and Mapping CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Mobile Phone Based Data Collection Using ODK CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018GIS in Energy CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Basic Skills in JavaScript/CSS/HTML CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018ICT for HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Reporting CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Installation, Use and Management of OPENHDS and ODK CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Qualitative Data Management and Analysis with NVIvo (Concept & Approaches) CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Training Course on ICT for Health and NutritionNairobi
5 Mar 2018Data Management & Analyses for Surveys using Stata CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation CourseNaivasha
5 Mar 2018M & E, Data Management & Analysis for Health Sector Programmes CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018ICT for Public Participation, Leadership and Governance CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Introduction to VBA Programming CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Use of ICT Tools in Epidemiology CourseNAIROBI
5 Mar 2018Public Governance and Administration CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Participatory Rural development ActionNairobi
5 Mar 2018Disaster Risk Reduction CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Effective Reporting of Statistical Results for Survey Data CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Epidemiology and Biostatistics with Stata CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Mobile Phones Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation CourseNairobi
5 Mar 2018Report Writing Skills CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practices CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Irrigation and Operational Maintenance CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practices CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Data Management, Graphics and Statistical analysis using SPSS CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018CSPro for Android and Smartphones CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018International Training on Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Results CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Early Warning Systems CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Gender-Based Violence CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Proposal Preparation Using the Logical Framework Approach CourseNairobi
12 Mar 2018Statistical Analysis with Excel CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Resilient Livelihoods CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Food Security Analysis CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Livelihoods Assessment and Analysis CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018ICT for Disaster Response CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Digital marketing (email and social media) and brand online visibility courseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Causes and Minimisation of Post-Harvest Losses CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Social Audit CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Debt Collection and Credit Management CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Report Writing Skills CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Research Design, Data Management, Analyses & Use CourseNairobi
19 Mar 2018Panel Data Analysis with Stata CourseNairobi
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