Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment Training

This course deals with the procedures to collect, analyze and evaluate spatial information for risk assessment from natural and human-induced hazards (such as geological hazard, hydro-meteorological hazards, environmental hazards and technological hazards).

The course will guide you through the entire process of risk assessment, on the basis of a case study of a city exposed to multiple hazards, in a developing country (risk city). Also, a number of case studies are used from Europe (Italy, France), China, and Georgia.

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Date: 02 March 2020 to 06 March 2020
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Data Afrique Training Center, Nairobi
Cost: USD1000

Contact: Duncan Kahuria
Company name: Data Afrique Consultancy
Telephone number: +254723360025
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