Training Course on Food Security in an Urbanising Society

Quick urbanization is a major challenge in the current developing world. The challenge of food security is affecting many nations around the world. To achieve food securities proper agricultural systems, links between rural and urban areas and food management chains have to be implemented. Therefore, this course is motivated by the objective of equipping participants with skills of ensuring the integration between rural production and urban market systems to ensure nutrition security.

This course target profession is in the agricultural extension sector including decision-makers. it also targets financial institutions, governments, research institutions, and NGOs, dedicated to supporting agricultural activities among developmental programmes.

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Date: 02 March 2020 to 06 March 2020
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Data Afrique Training Center, Nairobi
Cost: USD1000

Contact: Duncan Kahuria
Company name: Data Afrique Consultancy
Telephone number: +254723360025
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