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Eat In for the win at City Lodge Hotel Group

City Lodge Hotel Group is expanding its in house food and beverage offering, under the Eat In banner, starting with a pizza menu. After a successful trial of the new pizza selection at Town Lodge Umhlanga and Road Lodge Durban, the concept is now being rolled out to Courtyard Hotels, City Lodge Hotels, Town Lodges and Road Lodges across South Africa.
Eat In for the win at City Lodge Hotel Group
Eat In for the win at City Lodge Hotel Group

The pizzas are supplied pre-prepared and ready to bake in five variants, all consisting of large, thin-based pizza with a choice of toppings, and ranging in price from R65 to R90:

    - Margherita: Topped with stringy mozzarella and cheddar cheese

    - Bacon, Feta and Avocado: Topped with salty bacon, soft feta and fresh avocado
    - Bacon and Spring Onion: Topped with bacon bits and fresh spring onion
    - Chicken, Feta and Peppadew: Topped with South African original Peppadew, salty-soft feta and chicken

    - Chicken and Jalapeno: Topped with chicken and tangy, moderately spicy jalapeno

Tony Balabanoff, divisional director of operations, says, “As business starts to pick up at our hotels, we are keen to wow our guests with a new convenient lunch and dinner solution and give them more reason to stay safe and Eat In.”

The pizza selection may be viewed and ordered via an innovative in room QR code and order form system, making for a contactless, safe guest order experience.

18 Aug 2020 14:01