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PVRs and video stars!In the online world ad blockers are throttling marketers' ability to get banner ads in front of digital audiences - and curtailing media owners' ability to monetise their audiences. The same is true in the pay TV world where personal video recorders (PVRs) are increasingly used by viewers to avoid watching advertising messages. Brandon de Kock, WhyFive's director of storytelling, argues that knowing who is blocking what ad messages is crucial for reaching the right people and avoiding wastage. 23 Feb 2016 Read more >>

SA Brain Drain 2.0 - watch this space!Sir Isaac Newton probably never intended his third law to be applied to post-colonial African states. But it could certainly be argued that the arrival of democracy at the tip of Africa in 1994 was met with an almost equal and opposite departure of cold, hard cash and intellectual capital. Statistics are sketchy, but by all accounts, for the decade that followed, somewhere in the region of 5,000 professionals left our shores every year. They were mostly young, privileged, educated and mostly loaded - and a perfect example of something called a 'brain drain'. 16 Feb 2016 Read more >>

Do you know your audience?A crystal-clear picture of your target audience is the holy grail of all marketers but as media fragments and trading conditions get tighter it is the publishers and content marketers who need this clarity the most. Who are your customers and how do they differ from your competitors' customers? Demography is obviously the starting point here, but what do they think, own, buy, spend, do, love and hate? Understanding the unique attributes of your audience is crucial for content creation, style, tone and channel selection. It's also crucial for ad sales storytelling which in many instances appears to be lacking at best. 12 Feb 2016 Read more >>

Why WhyFive?

There are Five “W” questions about consumers
that marketers need to answer –

Who are your target consumers?
What does your brand offer them?
Where does the conversation and conversion
take place?
When does the purchase decision take place?
Why should people choose your brand?
Why online research rocks…

It’s far more affordable than traditional ‘clipboard’ research.

People will give you their time – if you ask the right questions!

From concept to insights – we can turn projects around
in days.

Large sample sizes target = serious segmentation.

Digital technology opens up a world of new possibilities.
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