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4th Addis Agrofood Exhibition in Ethiopia

The fourth International Addis Agrofood Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery, Food, Food Technologies and Packaging Exhibition is one of the fastest growing agro-food events...

27 Sep 2016

Uncertainty about transfer pricing rules in Africa a concern for foreign companies

Companies doing business in Africa face several uncertainties, including how tax authorities will handle transfer pricing (TP). It is vital that organisations prepare comprehensive documentation to demonstrate their application of the arm's length principle and the procedures followed.

5 Apr 2011

Kenya: MPs pass law to fix prices

Kenya's parliament approved a law on Wednesday (23 June 2010) to fix the maximum prices of food and fuel. Under the new bill the finance minister would be allowed to cap prices for basic goods such as maize, sugar, rice, wheat, petrol, and cooking fat.

28 Jun 2010

LG pushes for Anti-Counterfeit Bill in Kenya

LG is pushing for the enactment of the Anti-Counterfeit Bill into law as a measure to fight peddling of counterfeit goods such as cellphone handsets and associated gadgets in Kenya.

23 Jan 2009