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about us

Vicinity is a venture capital funded South African location based media business headquartered in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

What we do

Ramp up the relevance of mobile campaigns.

How we do it

Combining location expertise and best of breed location technology to ensure customers are linked to a brands real world locations

At the end

Users are happy and brands achieve massive ROI

Why we are unique

  • Location integrity - 4 tier data cleansing process ensures you Never send a customer to the wrong location
  • Location Pre-Optimisation - Ensures your communication resonates with the target market based on the area's demographic profile.
  • Demographic location targeting - Location is not just a game changing targeting tool but a powerful profiling tool when combined with relevant audience datasets such as census and area demographics.
  • StreetLoc™ technology - Targets users down to true street level, ramping the relevance of time based and day based targeting exponentially.
  • WeatherTrac™ - Can layer current weather conditions turning up the heat to your campaign.
  • Standard Targeting (Time, Day, handset, Mobile network, Demographic)