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Businesses reduce energy usage by a 5th using the hybrid working model
Businesses have reduced energy usage by a fifth (19%) by using office space more efficiently or by providing teams with access to flexible workspace. 30 Apr 2024 Read more

Purpose matters: Meeting the demand for corporate responsibility
Hybrid working, a term referring to a work arrangement that allows employees to split their time between working remotely and working in the office, has been on the rise, accelerated by the pandemic. This shift in work dynamics, coupled with an unpredictable political and economic climate, has significantly influenced how people perceive their lives and the world around them. It has also reshaped their expectations of businesses. 30 Apr 2024 Read more

“Spaces aligns perfectly with us”: How the female factor found its hybrid work homes with IWG
Committing to a hybrid work model is one thing, but finding the workspaces that truly complement your business and people? That’s another challenge altogether. 2 Apr 2024 Read more

How can we make our office buildings more environmentally friendly?
Climate change is one of humanity's greatest issues, and urgent action is required to avoid crossing irreversible environmental tipping points. Offices, responsible for 41% of the world’s energy use, offer a clear opportunity. 28 Feb 2024 Read more

Shrinking and shifting: Why hybrid clients are thinking outside the box
As companies realise they no longer need old-fashioned, sprawling office spaces, a network of flexible workspaces that complement a central HQ can give the best of both worlds. 28 Feb 2024 Read more

Business continuity: How to navigate an unpredictable 2024
Today's commercial landscape is dynamic and complex, with businesses navigating various geopolitical, technological and climate-related challenges. As the new year approaches, we explore strategies to enhance your organisation's agility, adaptability, and preparedness, ensuring it continues to thrive in uncertain times. 31 Jan 2024 Read more

Africa’s small towns boom as hybrid working is increasingly in demand
Africa is in the midst of unprecedented changes to the workplace that will affect enterprises and workers across the continent for decades. 30 Jan 2024 Read more

Simplifying productivity: how to get things done before the end of the year
The year-end often brings increased pressure and productivity demands. Fortunately, there are various methods to boost efficiency and yields, including establishing a hybrid work model that allows employees to choose where and when they work best. 1 Dec 2023 Read more

Going green: 7 ways to make your business greener
Going green needn't be complicated. We've identified seven straightforward measures that can make a difference. Not only do these strategies contribute to a healthier planet, but they can also be good for your business. 1 Dec 2023 Read more

More than 80% of CFO's view hybrid work as a cost saver, according to new data from IWG
New data reveals CFO sentiment on current economic uncertainties and how they are saving on costs with the hybrid model 30 Oct 2023 Read more

IWG signs new Regus, Spaces and HQ partnerships in Kenya, as demand for hybrid working rises
IWG, the world's largest provider of hybrid working solutions with brands including Regus, Spaces and HQ, is opening state-of-the-art flexible workspaces in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya, as the demand for hybrid working rapidly accelerates. 18 Jul 2023 Read more

IWG opens 2 new Regus Centres in Algiers, Algeria, as demand for hybrid working rises
The locations are a key milestone in IWG's plan to add 1,000 new locations globally over the next year. 21 Jun 2023 Read more

IWG signs managed partnership agreement in Algeria as the demand for hybrid working grows
The new partnership will meet the rapidly growing demand for hybrid working, with one new location to open in Skikda, Algeria. 20 Jun 2023 Read more

Innovative ideas to create a more sustainable office
As more customers become aware of their environmental impact, they're looking to businesses they work with to have good green credentials. For companies of all sizes, innovating to make their offices work sustainably is a significant first step to becoming more eco-friendly. 30 Mar 2023 Read more

How the flexible workforce is driving a new era of sustainability
Hybrid working is helping to create the foundation of a more sustainable future, and employers need to grasp the opportunities that arise. 28 Feb 2023 Read more

Retail landlords look to flexible workspace to meet changing office needs
Experts generally agree that the way business is conducted in South Africa has shifted permanently and that the working work - at least in office jobs - will never return to the pre-Covid nine-to-five model of in-office employment. 28 Feb 2023 Read more

IWG signs Managed Partnership Agreement in Algeria as the demand for hybrid working grows
The new partnership will meet the rapidly growing demand for hybrid working, with one new location to open in Skikda. 7 Feb 2023 Read more

Gen Z workers tell businesses: We want it all
  • New study shows Gen Z are unwilling to compromise on salary, values or work/life balance.
  • Research shows the declining popularity of city jobs and the desire for local work.
  • Businesses are expected to have strong social and environmental credentials.
  • Most expect four day work week to become the norm.
  • Research among more than 1,000 Gen Z workers commissioned by Regus to better understand the future workforce. 28 Oct 2022 Read more

  • On-demand flex-space membership rises 92% year-on-year in South Africa as global appetite for hybrid working soars
  • Global demand for hybrid working fuels significant growth of IWG's on-demand membership
  • UK (+137%), Italy (+93%) and India (+82%) among fastest-growing markets
  • Meeting room sales up by 166% as workers turn to the office for collaboration
  • IWG now counts 83% of Fortune 500 among its customers
  •  30 Aug 2022 Read more

    Businesses are looking for space in the metaverse to facilitate hybrid working
    In the context of work, the digital divide has become less about access to devices and connectivity and more about skills and mindset. Many experienced professionals have never learned more than the fundamental basics of email, web search, and Microsoft Office. Instead, they lean hard on nearby colleagues or the IT help desk when things go wrong. 30 Aug 2022 Read more

    The Jenna Clifford Collective opens in Pretoria: Elegance personified
    Jenna Clifford, South Africa's globally renowned jewellery designer, known for her unique customised creations, sought after by some of the most recognised business icons and celebrities worldwide, has officially opened The Jenna Clifford Collective in Lynnwood Road, Die Wilgers in the east of Pretoria. 14 Jul 2022 Read more

    How a hybrid workspace strategy leads to a more resilient workforce - and business
    Enabling your workforce to operate from multiple locations can help ensure that they feel more trusted - and help make your entire enterprise more resilient. 30 Jun 2022 Read more

    Load shedding and escalating petrol prices: How to lighten the load
  • Figures published by the PwC group estimates the adverse impact of load shedding in 2021 was a reduction in real GDP growth of up to 3.1 percentage points, costing the economy up to 400,000 potential jobs.
  • Looking ahead, Eskom leadership said recently that the power utility expects 29 days of load shedding during February and March 2022 and a total of 61 days during the April-August period.
  • The latest estimates predict a petrol price increase of between R1,93 and R1,97 a litre in the first week of June, while diesel is expected to increase by between R1.60 and R1.62 a litre. 30 Jun 2022 Read more

  • Hybrid model accelerates suburban revitalisation
    As hybrid working frees people from the constraints of city life, towns and villages will undergo a transformation that will reduce commuting and have a positive impact on the environment. 29 Apr 2022 Read more

    Hybrid work: A better way of life
    The Oxford English Dictionary has made it official. Hybrid working is now a dictionary term. Here, Mark Dixon, founder and CEO of Spaces' parent company IWG, reflects on the model's rapid acceleration into the mainstream... 1 Mar 2022 Read more

    Why are investors choosing flex-space over other franchise opportunities?
    Think franchise, think flex-space. That's the message from leading business investors as they look for stability and growth during the pandemic and over the next 18 months. 29 Nov 2021 Read more

    How hybrid working helps to build sustainable cities and communities
    Hybrid working has the potential to revitalise communities, as workers spend more time working at home or close to home. The 'hub-and-spoke' model and an increase in the number of flexible workspaces can also contribute to an increase in wellbeing and community spirit. Bringing local to life. 29 Nov 2021 Read more

    Commercial property owners turn to flex-space management agreements
    Flexible office space accounts for a relatively small proportion of office markets across most major gateway cities, averaging between two percent and eight percent, JLL data shows. But its rise to this level was swift, with an average of 25 percent growth a year between 2014 and 2019. In 2019 it accounted for as much as 20 percent of leasing activity in large cities. 14 Oct 2021 Read more

    How hybrid working will boost personal productivity and economic growth
    We know that economic growth comes from increased productivity, and the hybrid model gives workers the opportunity to choose when and where they're likely to be at their most effective. 30 Sep 2021 Read more

    Business mobility is essential to the hybrid work model
    It was not that long ago when a new employee would be issued a traditional laptop and spend their first day in the office getting setup on the device. That first day was also set aside for issuing a traditional Photo ID card with a lanyard, maybe a physical key to their workspace and finally a tour to meet people or teams they will be working with. 30 Sep 2021 Read more

    South Africa's first flex-space franchisee acquires Victoria Country Club Regus
    PMB - The Victoria Country Club (VCCE), the "jewel" of the Midlands, is now home to the first Regus Franchise in South Africa. A local property professional and multi-franchise owner, Cassim Khan, has partnered with Regus to provide a flexible workplace solution in a much-needed location. 17 Aug 2021 Read more

    Semigration: fuelling the shift to hybrid working
    Amongst the many things the pandemic has shown us, the most encouraging is that, when faced with the need and the opportunity, South Africans have the willingness to embrace ways to restructure our present and the foresight to plan for a reimagining of the future.
     30 Jul 2021 Read more

    IWG data reveals SA office visits up 25% since the beginning of 2021
    Since the easing of the hard lockdown restrictions, we have seen thousands of workers return to the office in towns and cities across South Africa. 30 Jun 2021 Read more

    Collaboration post-pandemic makes the office essential
    While some aspects of office life may be replicated as we work from home, there are some instances where it can't be replaced... 29 Jun 2021 Read more

    How are big companies using flex-space?
    As major businesses make the move from one centralised office to a hub-and-spoke model for their workers, the flex-space industry is more important than ever. 25 May 2021 Read more

    Strong and stable: First South African invests in the IWG franchise model
    Collaboration with a market-leading company, the promise of a stable market investment and strong chance of ROI and cash flow are just some of the reasons why franchise partners all over the world are shaking hands on deals with IWG. 28 Apr 2021 Read more

    Hybrid working to become the norm for FTSE 250 companies
    • New research from IWG shows more than three times the number of FTSE 250 companies are looking to use a more flexible 'hub and spoke'-style office model compared to those looking to carry on in the same way as pre-pandemic
    • Almost half (49%) are considering moving offices to areas where their workforce typically live
    • Only 13% expect that their workforce will return a five-day office week by the end of 2021
    • IWG predicts future of work will revolve around '15-minute commute'
     20 Apr 2021 Read more

    Flexible working franchise in South Africa provides a leading edge for investors
    IWG Plc, operator of Regus and Spaces and the world's largest flexible workspace provider, has seen a 19% increase in sales of smaller flexible workspaces, driven by distributed working and employee demand to work closer to home. 26 Mar 2021 Read more

    Digital transformation redefines the workplace
    Digital transformation is using technology to radically improve the performance and reach of an organisation. When digital transformation is done right, it is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. But when it's not, all you have is a really fast caterpillar. 16 Mar 2021 Read more

    Effective management of water in dialysis augments better outcomes
    Water is the foundation of life making it a perfect breeding ground for infection, microbial growth and antibiotic resistant pathogens. Water, also being the foundation for dialysis, plays the most important role for successful patient care. 3 Mar 2021 Read more

    Suburban migration will drive the 'hybrid' way of working in South Africa
    A few years ago, in South Africa, suburban office buildings were being used for the local hairdresser, Kung-Fu dojos, family doctors and even church gatherings, as businesses migrated into the main metropolitan hubs. Then came the coronavirus and everything has changed. Suddenly, crowding employees into buses, elevators and packed open offices, doesn't seem so attractive to anyone. The demand for suburban offices is on the rise as businesses look to decentralise and diversify their existing workplaces. 19 Feb 2021 Read more

    Flexibility + agility = resilience - the new working equation
    Covid-19 did not facilitate the remote working trend, it merely pushed it to the forefront. 22 Jan 2021 Read more

    Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) - No more 'fowl' play
    Ensuring the bacterial safety of poultry is essential and water is the most critical resource in the poultry broiler process. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a powerful disinfectant and is fast becoming one of the most effective solutions for optimal water treatment. 14 Dec 2020 Read more

    Idea Hive, digital brand storytelling specialists, partners with YouKnow Digital
    YouKnow Digital and Brandwatch come together to supercharge and unlock great value for Idea Hive to drive smarter business decisions. 9 Dec 2020 Read more

    Storytelling: What the Class of 1976 can teach the Class of 2020
    Since ancient times, storytelling has been an effective way of sharing history down through the generations. African culture is deeply rooted in oral tradition and the world knows us for our rich storytelling. We tell stories to pass on traditions, codes of behaviour and to maintain social order. As specialist brand storytellers and champions of storytelling, we reflect on what the Class of 2020 can learn from the Class of 1976, lest we forget. 25 Jun 2020 Read more

    Think you have what it takes to be a thought leader?
    In 2013, Forbes listed Eike Batista first in the unenviable position of their roundup of "The Worst CEO Screw-Ups of 2013". In one year, the flamboyant chairman and CEO of the EBX Group destroyed 10s of billions of dollars in shareholder value and his personal wealth went from $30bn to $400m. The reason for his disastrous descent? The clue could be in the fact that he famously added the letter X at the end of his company names to show the imminent multiplication of wealth he predicted for his shareholders. Sadly, it was the opposite for OGX, LLX and OSX. 15 May 2020 Read more

    Idea Hive partners with Future Kings: transforming young men's lives
    Brand storytelling specialists Idea Hive has partnered with Future Kings, a programme of the Rams Mabote Foundation (RMF) created in 2014 by Rams Mabote, who is arguably the voice of small business in South Africa. Formerly with Metro FM, Mabote has turned his YouTube channel - Talk with Rams - into the home of small business', dishing out education, opportunities, advice and networks that entrepreneurs need desperately. 12 May 2020 Read more

    Tell your brand's story in the wake of Covid-19
    In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, leadership at all levels is being tested. From junior marketing managers to C-level executives, response to the pandemic and its disruption of our day-to-day lives will leave a significant mark on our lives. 11 May 2020 Read more

    Corporate communication - Creating connected employees, one story at a time
    Brands spend a lot of their time and budget getting to know their customers, and rightly so. Unfortunately, they seldom put the same effort into the way they connect with their employees and get their buy-in through internal communication. In times of uncertainty, your employees will be the ones who keep the wheels rolling and if they already feel valued and believe in the vision of your company, they will stay in the trenches. Here, storytelling is an effective way of creating a culture where employees are true brand ambassadors. 1 Apr 2020 Read more

    Brand storytelling specialists Idea Hive are writing their own success story
    A lot can happen in five years. In South Africa alone there is loadshedding, Zozibini Tunzi, Ramaphoria, Nkandla and the Rugby World Cup. For a team of specialist brand storytellers in Johannesburg, half a decade of creative sweat and agility has resulted in accelerated growth for this band of 20-something creatives. Their secret? The ability to find and tell the stories that build mad brand love for their clients and then translating those stories into unique, measurable brand strategies that produce results. 20 Mar 2020 Read more

    Why niche agencies are winning over the big brands
    South Africa's agency landscape is one of Davids and Goliaths. You have the traditional local and multi-national giants and then the fresh niche outfits. In recent years, we've seen global brands increase their collaboration with these new-kids-on-the-block and, in some cases, they are opting to move entirely towards working with this nimble generation of agencies, combining it with their in-house effort. 27 Feb 2020 Read more

    Why African investors need to venture into the fast-growing flexible workspace industry
    Francis Kariuki, recently a former head of operations at a flexible workspace (also known as a coworking space) in Kenya sits across from me as we have a chat on the immediate future of the flexible working industry. Beaming with excitement and optimism, he observes that there is a huge opportunity for seasoned African entrepreneurs to venture into creating coworking space for the burgeoning working population across capital cities in Africa. 20 Dec 2019 Read more

    A winning formula: Top brand story agency partners with leading technology firm
    Idea Hive, Johannesburg-based brand storytelling specialists, have partnered with Digitex Solutions, a local information technology company to provide cutting-edge digital storytelling marketing solutions. This in response to the growing need for value-driven marketing disruptions. In this ever-evolving digital world that sees brands needing to adapt to a new way of telling stories, this is exciting news. 25 Nov 2019 Read more

    Regus brings the Flexible Working Revolution to Britam Towers, Nairobi
    Businesses in Nairobi eagerly await the arrival of the tenth Regus business centre, in Britam Towers - making this its 10th location in Nairobi - in November 2019. Bestowed Africa's first Emporis Skyscraper Award, it is also the tallest building in East and Central Africa. As the commercial nerve centre for Kenya, boasting strong trade links with Asia, the Middle East and Europe and a booming luxury tourism sector, the city is a perfect location for Kenyan and international businesses. 8 Oct 2019 Read more

    The power of SA proptech: Business opportunities that effect change
    IWG Plc. catches up with Sean Godoy on the proptech status in SA 6 Aug 2019 Read more

    Africa is championing the flexible workspace revolution
    Franchise opportunities - Africa's economy will grow faster than any other continent's over the next five years and flexible working is a huge part of that future. 31 Jul 2019 Read more

    IWG flexible working franchise a first for Africa
    Flexible workspace provider, IWG plc this week announced plans for a large-scale rollout of its franchise offering for flexible workspaces in a further 14 countries in Africa. At the helm is Mo Nanabhay, who led the franchise start-up and successful launch of both the Pick n Pay and Sasol franchise concept in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. This, in an industry where the demand for flexible workspace is set to grow by 30% annually for the next five years according to Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL). 4 Jul 2019 Read more

    5 signs you may be ready for a rebrand
    From Absa to the SABC and this week, John Deere SSA's rebranding - we often see the need for and impact of established brands choosing to differentiate themselves with a new brand name, visual identity, positioning and vision. Whether it's to escape the past, or to catapult a brand into the future, creating a corporate image that attracts and connects with your customer, is key. But how do you know whether you need a rebrand? 29 May 2019 Read more

    'Businesses that fail to become agile will not survive,' says IWG CEO Mark Dixon
    In our increasingly complex world, flexible working is shown to retain staff and help boost the bottom line 27 May 2019 Read more

    Flexible working hours to contribute $10tn to global economy by 2030
  • Flexible working will save businesses money, reduce costs and boost productivity, causing a ripple effect across entire economies
  • The US could see an economic boost of as much as $4.5tn annually
  • China could see the greatest gross value add (GVA) increase of 193%
  • A rise in flexible working also benefits individuals, set to save people 3.53 billion hours of commuting time by 2030 31 Oct 2018 Read more

  • When working from home is not all it's cut out to be
    Around the world, there are fewer woman entrepreneurs than males. Why do you think that is? Well, for many reasons really: motherhood, social expectations, religious customs, lack of opportunity, fear of failure and funding, to mention but a few. 16 Aug 2018 Read more

    The end of the traditional 9-5? New study finds 70% of us skip the office to work elsewhere
    IWG reveals the results of largest ever poll on flexible working attitudes - surveying over
    18,000 professionals from a range of different industries across 96 countries
     1 Jun 2018 Read more

    In the right environment, everyone is creative
    Scroll back if you can, to the office of the 1970s - 'working 9 to 5' was the norm and employee happiness had little or no bearing in a largely autonomous corporate environment. Today we know that the employee experience businesses create, could decide whether they keep or lose talent and profits. 29 May 2018 Read more

    IWG secures over 50m sq ft of office space as the 'workspace revolution' begins
    • Significant growth sees operator of leading workspace providers reach global milestone
    • IWG believes growth reflects a tipping point in global attitudes to workspace
     10 Apr 2018 Read more

    Consumer behaviour is shifting - Shouldn't your brand be too?
    The 9th Packaging Conference on consumer insights and packaging trends, hosted by Stratcom Branding, is coming to Johannesburg on 2 March 2018. 27 Feb 2018 Read more

    New Spaces brand brings iconic workspaces to economic hub of Sandton
    Creative workplace specialist Spaces is expanding its South African footprint with its prime location, Atrium on 5th, in Sandton, which opened in February 2018. 26 Feb 2018 Read more

    The world of work is changing - are you future-proof?
    The world of work is facing rapid change and savvy business owners will need to take notice if they want to survive, let alone grow. Leading global flexible workspace provider Regus commissioned research which shows a snapshot of the world of work today. The trends were indicative of a changing business landscape, with 51 percent of South Africans surveyed saying that avoiding fixed rentals that hamper the need to expand and contract rapidly, will be a main driver for flexible working in the future. 9 Feb 2018 Read more