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Vicinity 4D - Audience data and targeting with 4x the power

Big data is the driving force behind digital advertising. Vicinity Media leverages 1st Party Location Data from four unique sources to fuel consumer insights, behaviour and trends for more targeted data driven marketing.
Vicinity 4D - Audience data and targeting with 4x the power

Did you know that Vicinity Media processes over 500 million 1st party data points every month? We gather this data through direct integrations with SA’s best and most trusted publishers, this powerful combination of location, intent and affinity creates a data pipeline unrivalled in the mobile advertising industry.

Of course, it’s one thing to have a lot of data at your disposal - it’s the quality of that data that really counts. Vicinity stands out here, too, thanks to our 4D data model.

What’s 4D all about?

If data collected from one point can tell you something about consumers, data collected from four different points can tell you a whole lot more. Leverage Vicinity 4D to slice, dice and laser target your audience like never before.

Geo-Demographic Data

With direct integrations with the biggest publishers in SA, Vicinity Media has access to a huge amount of demographic data. Combined with 1st Party Location Data, we can tell you where your audiences live and work. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that this information tells you a lot about their demographics, from income to age group. So, if you really want to turn data into something insightful, you need to combine the information mined from both demographics and location.

Geo-Demographic Data targeting in action

Sector: FMCG
CTR: 4.45%

Physical Affinity Data

Vicinity tracks and records opted-in-but-anonymous user data from SA’s premium publishers. Every time a user engages, we record exactly where they are. This data provides strong In-Market and Affinity signals based on where you shop and what POIs you visit. Visit the gym, a school, or an office repeatedly and we build a precise picture of exactly who you are and what brands you like to engage with.

Physical Affinity Data targeting in action

Sector: Cellular
CTR: 3.10%

Intent Data

The Near Me microapp is a ‘mini’ search engine that allows users to discover stores, service providers and points of interest in their close proximity. Near Me already has a user base of five million, all searching for the nearest gym, coffee shops or petrol station. As a user searches, they share their clear intent for a product category - all interactions and engagements from users within the microapp are placed in various intent audience buckets. A certain global behemoth had the monopoly on search/intent data - The Near Me has changed all that.

Intent Data targeting in action

Sector: Motor
CTR: 11.01%

Past Campaign Data

Did your last campaign work? Or was the campaign before that more successful? We have the answers, because we have recorded six years’ worth of data from millions of ads served, and can use it to understand where your audience is going, and what they’re looking for. Running a pizza campaign or selling a car? Our Past Campaign Data tells us when and where these sectors will resonate most. Because we own this data, there is no room for error and no wasted budget – just extraordinarily accurate data that no competitor is able to match.

Past Campaign Data targeting in action

Sector: QSR
CTR: 12.50%

Put all of these collection points together, and you have the most complete data currently available – a view of your audience that simply cannot be rivalled. The intersection of True Location and 4D data means precise audience targeting, audience insight for future campaigns, and a greater return on investment.

Test drive the ‘Rolls Royce’ audience data targeting product today with Vicinity Media.

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11 Oct 2021 09:29