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DealFeed takes home 2 Silver MMA Smarties Awards

DealFeed, our digital catalogue solution, has been recognised for innovation at the MMA Smarties South Africa Awards, receiving 2 Silver Awards in the categories of Experience Technology (Geo Targeting) and E-Commerce Marketing (O2O/New Retail/Innovative Sales Channel).
DealFeed takes home 2 Silver MMA Smarties Awards

Experience Technology (Geo Targeting) highlights the power of DealFeed's 1st Party Data and measurement capabilities, which provide retailers with an effective way to reach their target audience. By leveraging DealFeed, retailers can amplify their current retail strategy, achieve greater campaign ROI, and reduce costs while minimising their environmental impact.

DealFeed's recognition in the E-commerce Marketing (O2O/New Retail/Innovative Sales Channel) category is a game changer for the retail advertising industry, as it provides a solution for retailers who are looking to optimise their digital marketing efforts. With the rise of e-commerce, retailers need to adopt innovative solutions that can help them stay ahead of the competition. DealFeed offers retailers a way to enhance their customer experience, drive sales, and build brand loyalty through personalised and relevant content.

DealFeed takes home 2 Silver MMA Smarties Awards

Compared to traditional printed catalogues, DealFeed provides a more cost-effective and targeted approach to advertising. It enables retailers to target specific demographics based on location, behavior, and purchase history, thereby increasing conversion. Furthermore, with the use of 1st Party Data and measurement, retailers can track the performance of their campaigns and optimise them in real-time.

DealFeed's success can also be seen through the increasing number of brands that are utilising DealFeed. From Makro and OK Furniture to Top T and Land Rover, DealFeed has become a successful solution for retailers and brands looking to enhance their e-commerce marketing and digital advertising strategies.

Other notable brands that have come on board include Incredible Connection, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, House and Home, and CTM, to name a few.

Makro's recent success with their “51 Years of Great Savings Campaign” is a perfect example of how DealFeed can help retailers achieve their marketing goals. By utilising Vicinity's Digital Catalogue (DealFeed) and True Location Targeting Technology, Makro was able to reach the right audiences at the right place, resulting in an overall increase of 18.08% in physical store visits during the campaign period.

This success is a testament to the power of DealFeed's data-driven approach, which allows retailers to deliver personalised and relevant content to their target audience, ultimately driving sales and building brand loyalty.

Makro's head of digital, Nyiko Moyana, commented, “Through Vicinity's effective technology capabilities, we were able to drive online and in-store localised traffic and effectively measure offline conversions linked per store. This enabled us to better understand omnichannel performance and provide real-time optimisations in our full-funnel media efforts. Vicinity Media will continue to play an integral role in helping us maximize our media investments”.

The full Makro case study can be found by clicking the link below.

Makro’s 51 Years of Great Savings Case Study

DealFeed's recognition at the MMA Smarties South Africa Awards is a testament to its innovative approach and the value it brings to the retail advertising industry. It's time to embrace the future of digital advertising with DealFeed!

6 Apr 2023 09:58