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Safaricom educates consumers about M-Shwari

Kenyan-based Safaricom, an integrated communications company with a reported over 17 million subscribers, has selected Z-Card to educate its consumers about its banking offering, M-Shwari.
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Safaricom provides a comprehensive range of services from mobile and fixed voice to data services. One such service is Lainsiha Maisha Na M-Shwari, the new banking product for M-Pesa customers, which enables them to save and borrow money via their phone, while earning interest on your money saved.

The Z-Card thus includes important information for customers about M-Shwari, from how to update the menu and activate M-Shwari, to how to save money and request a loan.

The marketing tool targets the mass Kenyan market and generation Y, which is defined by working consumers aged 18 to 28.

M-Shwari enables these consumers to bank from their phone, without the hassle of going into the bank to open an account. It also brings financial inclusion to those who are not able to qualify for a bank account.

"The through-the-line, nationwide marketing campaign is ongoing for M-Shwari, with the Z-Cards driving understanding, awareness, usage and uptake of the M-Shwari service," says Amit Patel, managing director of Ramco Printing Works.
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