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E-health platform MyDawa disrupting Kenya's healthcare industry

MyDawa, an e-health platform launched in March 2017, hit over 30,000 registered users as of December 2017. The digital service enables consumers to purchase authentic medicines and wellness products. According to Managing Director Tony Wood, the steady rise in users was driven by rising healthcare costs, an increasing value conscious customer and negative patient experiences reported in Kenya.

Tony Wood, MD, MyDawa

“MyDawa is proud to be a formidable force in disrupting Kenya’s healthcare industry through innovation. The company is anchored on privacy, convenience and guaranteed quality as part of its promise to service delivery,” said Wood.

Giving control back to the consumer

The MyDawa solution is beneficial to consumers as they gain the advantage of having increased transparency, convenience and affordability. In addition, it ensures better pharmacovigilance as it tackles the issue of counterfeit drugs/products in the market since the entire supply chain process is tracked and one has the option of authenticating the products.

MyDawa features a unique mechanism that gives back control to the consumer. Once a prescription has been uploaded online, the consumer can use the mechanism to verify the authenticity of products from the source all without compromising on their privacy and convenience. Moreover, consumers get value for money since products sold at the platform are 40% below the market price for MyDawa products, whilst third-party products are sold at a 20% cheaper rate.

Embrace disruption

Wood further emphasised the need for healthcare operators to continue to embrace disruption in the industry to become more efficient, to lower costs, increase access to healthcare and provide patient-centric care. Technology, especially the internet, has added immense value where the consumer is now more informed and empowered. MyDawa enables the consumer to access healthcare products through its platform whilst maintaining quality and affordability.

MyDawa’s innovative solution fits into the president’s four priority areas of government delivery as outlined in his Jamhuri Day Speech 2017, which included healthcare, food security, affordable housing and manufacturing.

In the report titled [ Enabling E-health Technology in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana]], Kenya was named alongside South Africa and Ghana as leading countries in e-health and telemedicine.
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