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Wild & wacky Kenyan radio station keeps listeners on the hop – and in the swim

The fearless and wacky Hot 96 breakfast radio crew of Teddy Muthusi, Sandra Obudo and Yvonne Okwara were at it again with another mad stunt on their punkd for a buck daily feature – where they give money to any listener who successfully completes bizarre tasks.
Nairobi - Stunts previously pulled include getting a listener to drink a cup of their own urine and another to pose naked for 15 minutes in morning traffic while holding a HOT 96 banner.

This time they asked listeners to take a dip into the murky waters of the Uhuru Park Lake and display their swimming ability by doing 2 lengths of each stroke (Back, breast, freestyle and butterfly).

One Brave Michael Murithi a college student at KCCT stepped up to the challenge and walked away or should we say swam away with a clean KShs 15,000 on Friday 19th October.

There was drama when a plainclothes Nairobi City Council askari confiscated his clothes and demanded an explanation, claiming a violation of City by-laws. Quick intervention by the Hot 96 crew saw the matter settled peacefully and without any arrest.

Interestingly, Police officers and Kenyan Military personnel who were at the park doing final preparations for the Kenyatta Day celebrations chose not to intervene but rather join wananchi in enjoying the spectacle.

One cannot imagine what to expect next from the Hot 96 breakfast radio crew who have added a fresh and unexpected perspective to morning radio in Kenya.