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Alan Peevers appointed as MD at Y&R Nairobi

Alan Peevers has been appointed as the new managing director of Y&R Nairobi, the ad gency at the centre of the Y&R Brands business in Kenya, where he will retain the role of creative director - the position he was hired to fulfil earlier this year.
Alan Peevers
Chris Harrison, chairman, Africa & Indian Ocean, Y&R Nairobi, Kenya commenting said of the appointment, 'Alan will be the agency's third managing director in 40 years - which reflects we are a business that evolves in a considered way. He has proved himself adept at engaging our clients and getting to the heart of the matter every time. He's a clear thinker, with a no-nonsense approach that we all welcome.'

Peevers says of his appointment, 'I am really relishing this challenge. Having a creative as agency leader tells our clients both that we value our creative product highly and also that we recognise the important role it has to play in the building of their brands.'

The announcement follows the appointment in July of Njoki Waiganjo as director of corporate affairs. Waiganjo achieved succesfful results, leading a successful pitch for the Transcentury account by Silver Bullet, the PR arm of the Y&R Group.

It's something Harrison sees as the first return on a strategy to change the way the agency does business: 'These two appointments are part of a programme to redefine the client experience, and reshape the culture of the agency,' he said. 'We hope to inspire the market to reconsider some of the behaviours that have held back the development of our industry over the past five years.'

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