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20 Jul 2020Agriculture Innovation/Technology for Sustainable DevelopmentNairobi
20 Jul 2020Information Security ManagementNairobi
3 Aug 2020Training in Agricultural Policy Framework for Development CourseNairobi
3 Aug 2020Agro-Entrepreneurship Market FacilitationNairobi
3 Aug 2020Agricultural Value Chain Development/Market LinkagesNairobi
3 Aug 2020Theory of Change in Agricultural Project Monitoring and EvaluationNairobi
3 Aug 2020Effective Communication and Presentation SkillsNairobi
3 Aug 2020Research Data Management and Statistical Analysis Using StataNairobi
3 Aug 2020Research Methodology Data Management Analysis and Reporting Using SPSSNairobi
9 Aug 2020International Congress on Cell Science and Molecular Biology (IC-CSMB)MOMBASA
9 Aug 2020International Congress on Human Rights Educationmombasa
9 Aug 2020International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Science, Technology, Engineering and Managementmombasa
10 Aug 2020Water Harvesting Techniques for Rural Development CourseNairobi
10 Aug 2020Accounting Finance For Non-Financial Professionals Using QuickBooksNairobi
10 Aug 2020Integrated digital marketing strategies courseNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training Course in Report WritingNairobi
10 Aug 2020Scientific Writing Preparing a Manuscript for Publication in International JournalsNairobi
17 Aug 2020Report Writing for Project Monitoring and Evaluation TrainingNairobi
17 Aug 2020Training in Community Development Projects ManagementNairobi
17 Aug 2020Using Joomla CMS for Web DevelopmentNairobi
17 Aug 2020Traceability and Phytosanitary Standards in Agriculture CourseNairobi
17 Aug 2020Effective Sales Pipeline ManagementNairobi
24 Aug 2020Training Course on Adobe IllustratorNairobi
24 Aug 2020Training on Website Design/Development Using WordPress CMSNairobi
24 Aug 2020Food Security Policies Formulation and ImplementationNairobi
24 Aug 2020Smallholder Producers Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development CourseNairobi
7 Sep 2020Strategic Brand ManagementNairobi
14 Sep 2020Training in Effective Project Proposal/Report WritingNairobi
14 Sep 2020Adobe Photoshop Skills TrainingNairobi
14 Sep 2020Gender and Social Inclusion in AgricultureNairobi
14 Sep 2020Employee RelationsNairobi
21 Sep 2020Gender Analysis and Integration in AgricultureNairobi
21 Sep 2020Effective Communication of Research Findings with users of Knowledge for ImpactNairobi
12 Oct 2020Training in Monitoring/Evaluation of Agricultural ProgrammesNairobi
12 Oct 2020Timely Data Collection Analysis/Visualisation using ODK SPSS Stata R/QGISNairobi
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