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Kathea 'bridging' the communication gap

Kathea, a supplier and value-added distributor of products and services for the telecommunications sector, has concluded a business relationship with InterCall Europe, which will give the company the ability to deliver voice and video conferencing facilities to customers no matter where they are situated in the world.

"Since the inception of Kathea Professional Services, our business unit offers voice and video bridging services to the corporate market, we have witnessed an incredible uptake of this service," says Peter de Lange, Manager, Technical and Customer Care Department at Kathea. "Although a large portion of our capacity has already been utilised having only been in operation for one year, we are currently exploring new ventures and opportunities to offer our untapped capacity. To this end we explored further partnerships with an international operator to give us the added ability to provide bridging services to over 20 destinations across the globe."

Additionally, Kathea has concluded a local alliance that will add a further 500 voice ports nationally to its bridging services. "At present we are one of the only providers that can offer customers international and national reach for their voice and video conferencing needs," adds de Lange. "With only a portion of our capacity being utilised this extended reach therefore makes good business sense for our customers communications needs." This includes finding alternate bureaus if Kathea can't accommodate a customer at a specific time.

With more businesses' having to communicate globally, it can be time consuming and expensive to arrange meetings to bring staff and customers from different locations together. Barriers of time, place and budget can be a hindrance to effective company communication. Therefore, voice and video conferencing facilities provide a cost effective way in which to develop face-to-face communications for businesses and vastly supplement international communications.

"Our service includes integrated voice, video and text chat for more interactive meetings. Our voice and video bridging solution enables companies to undertake interviews, training sessions, sales announcements, product launches, company announcements and client meetings amongst others. Kathea also has at its premises that can be rented, which offers all the video and voice requirements customers seek.

"This solution presents companies with a faster time to market and the ability to manage internal costs more effectively," concludes de Lange.

"We continue to supply these services to Corporate and Government installations, to enable end-users to grow their video networks gradually. With the ability to include various calls with video conferences, the reach is dramatically increased."

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