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    First-ever Sino-African reality TV show

    StarTimes Kenya and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television unveiled a joint content development works between Kenyan actors and their Chinese counterparts. The development will feature the first-ever Sino-African reality TV show highlighting deep intercultural exchange, while building the local capacity of local creators and content developers.
    Image source: Gallo/Getty.
    Image source: Gallo/Getty.

    Funded by the Chinese government and produced by StarTimes in collaboration with local content partners, the show will bring together Raymond Ofula, Neomi Ngang’a, Peter Kamau and Nick Mutuma as judges and mentors to hundreds of emerging and established thespians. The prize is an opportunity to be in a local film that will be launched on international platforms around the world.

    The deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television, Xu Liquo, said, “Congratulations to the shortlisted actors who will feature in the television show, as we mark the 5thanniversary of our TV series Africa exhibition, we are impressed with the warm reception and adaptability and look forward to growing our audience in Kenya.”

    The 12 episodes of the Next Superstar show will broadcast on StarTimes Sino Drama channel from December 8, adding to the growing list of local content productions that the pay-television broadcaster continues to roll out towards enriching the subscriber offering.

    It already injected over 200 million towards the establishment of Rembo TV, an exclusive local channel available on the platform.

     “The shortlisted superstars will be the main cast of the joint production between StarTimes and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television as other outstanding talents who auditioned for the show undertake supporting roles with the series running weekly on StarTimes Sino-Drama channel from December 8th,” concluded Andy Wang, StarTimes CEO.

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