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Mobile reporters give a voice to Kenyan voters

With a media blackout in Kenya mobile phones played a vital role in covering the Kenya elections and now they are playing an even more important role in covering those elections bloody aftermath.
AfricaNews.com makes use of internet-enabled mobile phones to report on the election crisis in Kenya. Local African journalist, with advanced mobile phone and a portable keyboard, collect text, photo and short video on the events in Kenya as they unfold. The reporters use their mobile phone to publish their reports to http://www.africanews.com. This is the first time the concept of a mobile journalist has been introduced in Africa.

Internet and mobile technology play an increasingly important role in the monitoring of local situations. The collection and spread of information has long been dominated by a small elite. The rise of internet and mobile technology offers new opportunities in the reporting process and play a vital role in the spread of information.

As in Kenya, many governments work to control the spread of information via control over the radio, TV, newspapers and internet. The mobile phone, as seen in Kenya, is the most important means for gathering and spreading information.

Africa Interactive is the online publisher of AfricaNews.com. Africa Interactive is based in the Netherlands and maintains a regional office in Nairobi (Kenya). Africa Interactive produces and manages websites, e-magazines, blogs, photography, videos and news over Africa. Africa Interactive now has more than 90 African journalists, photographers and filmmakers who contribute from more than 25 African countries.

See mobile reports: http://voicesofafrica.africanews.com/site/page/510:kenya

See Africa News: http://www.africanews.com
Please report acurate facts-
There is not now nor was there ever a media blackout in Kenya. The Government simply banned live broadcasting for the period after the elections. Media houses were required to edit the content of their broadcasts to ensure that the content does not incite further violence. It was only a call for media houses to exercise responsible reporting...
Posted on 14 Apr 2008 17:10


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