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Kalabars online video streaming service launched in Kenya

Creatives Garage in Kenya, providing space for artists and content producers, launched an online multimedia and video on demand (VOD) platform specifically dedicated to African stories.
Image source: Gallo/Getty.
The platform, called Kalabars, allows the public to watch movies, series, documentaries, music videos and listen to quality audio content on smart devices that focus on African stories. This platform is the only one in the market to include audio content.

African content creators will now have a platform to share their content with a global audience, an essential part of a sustainable arts and culture ecosystem.

“Our target demographic primarily encompasses the 18-45 age group who are tech-savvy and experimental. Content creators will be able to upload and monetize their content to Kalabars that will be available via mobile and web versions accessible through a myriad of devices,” said Liz Kilili, Creative Garage CEO

Kalabars capacity expansion currently consists of targeted residency programs for content creators through experiential learning, mentoring and peer learning sessions. Kalabars also acts as a marketing and distribution platform for hosted content to increase the sustainable revenue of creative artists.

Bill Ray
Hooray! I was waiting for it!
Posted on 18 Nov 2019 15:09



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