Govt to revise media laws

Media laws will be revised to better regulate journalists. Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communications, Bitange Ndemo says this will ensure accreditation of journalists. He says there is also need for stringent rules for use of social media to curb hate speech. Source:...

15 Mar 2013

Local media hailed for excellent election coverage

IEBC (The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) has hailed the local media, security officials and other stakeholders for the role they played in ensuring a successful election. IEBC chairman, Isaak Hassan says he was specifically happy with the way journalists handled the election...

11 Mar 2013

Media Council brief on elections

The Media Council of Kenya today, 21 February 2013, addressed media at a press conference on key issues regarding coverage of the ongoing electoral campaigns and expectations during the general elections. Haron Mwangi was expected to describe the critical role media will play in informing the public...

21 Feb 2013

Journalists in exile

Over the past six years, the Committee to Protect Journalists has documented 243 cases of journalists who have been forced to flee their home country to avoid harassment and imprisonment. On average, three journalists a month make this escape, with less than 15% of them ever seeing home again....

20 Jun 2007

Joe Louw laid to rest

Joe Louw, former SABC producer and veteran journalist, was buried in Johannesburg this weekend after succumbing to colonic cancer last Friday. He was famous for photographing the assassination of Martin Luther King junior in 1968. Louw, who worked for many of South Africa's media houses, was...

11 Jul 2004

Kenyan wins Natali Prize

Investigative journalist Ken Opala of Kenya has been awarded the gold medal in the 2003 Natali Prize, one of the world's leading journalistic awards. Opala, who has received acclaim for his reporting on death row convicts, was also the winner of the regional prize for Africa.

31 Oct 2003

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