24 Feb 2020Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions CourseNairobi
24 Feb 2020Gender-Based Violence CourseNairobi
24 Feb 2020Research Design, Mobile Data Collection and Mapping, Data analysis using NVIVO and STATA CourseNairobi
24 Feb 2020Advanced Statistical Analysis Using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)Nairobi
24 Feb 2020Information and Documentation ComplianceNairobi
24 Feb 2020Research Design, Data Management and Statistical Analysis using SPSSNairobi
24 Feb 2020Practical Training on Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Conservancy and Wildlife ManagementNairobi
24 Feb 2020Methodology for Research Designing and Quantitative Data Management Analysis and VisualizationNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training Course On Adobe PhotoshopNairobi
2 Mar 2020Dairy Value Addition for Food Security CourseNairobi
2 Mar 2020Mainstreaming Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practices CourseNairobi
2 Mar 2020Traceability And Phytosanitary Standards In Agriculture CourseNairobi
2 Mar 2020GIS for Monitoring and Evaluation TrainingNairobi
2 Mar 2020GIS and Remote Sensing in Conservancy and Wildlife ManagementNairobi
2 Mar 2020GIS and Spatial Analysis for Agriculture and Food Security TrainingNairobi
2 Mar 2020GISfor Natural Resource Management TrainingNairobi
2 Mar 2020GIS for Disease Surveillance Monitoring TrainingNairobi
2 Mar 2020GIS Data Collection, Management, Analysis, Visualisation and Mapping TrainingNairobi
2 Mar 2020Introduction to GIS Using Arcgis Desktop CourseNairobi
2 Mar 2020GIS and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest Monitoring and Management CourseNairobi
2 Mar 2020Advanced web based mapping applications using open source GIS tools courseNairobi
2 Mar 2020Mobile Data Collection Using Ona and Kobo ToolboxNairobi
2 Mar 2020Scientific Writing, Preparing a Manuscript for Publication in International Journals CourseNairobi
2 Mar 2020Employee RelationsNairobi
2 Mar 2020Web based GIS and Mapping in Disseminating and Processing of Geographic InformationNairobi
2 Mar 2020Digital Cartography and GIS Mapping using ArcGIS (ArcMap) SoftwareNairobi
2 Mar 2020Quantitative Data Management Analysis and Visualisation using SPSSNairobi
2 Mar 2020Qualitative Data Management and Thematic Analysis using NVivoNairobi
2 Mar 2020Data Collection and Management using Open Data Kit ODKNairobi
2 Mar 2020Effective Risk Management in Organisational ContextNairobi
2 Mar 2020High Impact Leadership and Strategic Management WorkshopNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training on Human Resource ManagementNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training on Leadership SkillsNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training on Gender-Based ViolenceNairobi
2 Mar 2020Installation use and Management Of Data Using OpenHDSNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training Course on Food Security in an Urbanising SocietyNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training Course on Participatory Monitoring and EvaluationNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training Course on Project Design using Logical Framework ApproachNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training Course on Project Performance EvaluationNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training Course on Data Management and Analysis for Qualitative Data Using NvivoNairobi
2 Mar 2020Mobile Data Collection and Mapping for M&E and ScientistsNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training on Monitoring and Evaluating for Human Rights ProgrammesNairobi
2 Mar 2020Protecting Children’s Health in Emergency and Disasters TrainingNairobi
2 Mar 2020Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment TrainingNairobi
2 Mar 2020Content Management System Using PHP and MySQL CourseNairobi
2 Mar 2020Training Course on Gender Based ViolenceNairobi
2 Mar 2020Strategic Communication Training: The Managers’ and Executives’ ProgramNairobi
9 Mar 2020Stakeholders Management CourseNairobi
9 Mar 2020Advanced GIS server administration GeoServer IINairobi
9 Mar 2020Microsoft Excel Dynamic Dashboards for Management ReportingNairobi
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