18 Oct 2021Agricultural Training on Crop Biotechnology for Food Security and NutritionNairobi
18 Oct 2021Enhancing Economic opportunities for resilient pastoral livelihoodsNairobi
18 Oct 2021Data Management Analysis and Visualisation for Agriculture and Rural Development ProgrammesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Evaluation of Agribusiness Firms for risk management and Potential for Financial LendingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Effective Use of Biopesticide for healthy and sustainable crop productionNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training Climate Change Risk Management in Building Resilience to Mitigate Effects of Climate ChangeNairobi
18 Oct 2021Climate Change Adaptation in a Changing Environment Training CourseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Agricultural Policy Framework for Development Training CourseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Agriculture Training on Food security analysisNairobi
18 Oct 2021Integrated Soil Health and Fertility Management for Sustainable Food and Nutrition SecurityNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Livelihoods Assessment and AnalysisNairobi
18 Oct 2021International Training on Gender Analysis and Integration in AgricultureNairobi
18 Oct 2021International Training on Food Security Policies Formulation and ImplementationNairobi
18 Oct 2021Food and Nutrition Security AnalysisNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness DevelopmentNairobi
18 Oct 2021Smallholder Producers Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED) Training courseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Best Training on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture for food and nutrition securityNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Water Harvesting Techniques for Rural DevelopmentNairobi
25 Oct 2021Agri Training on Fish Farming for Food Security and Improved LivelihoodsNairobi
25 Oct 2021International Training on Theory of Change in Agricultural Project Monitoring and EvaluationNairobi
25 Oct 2021Best Agriculture Training on Resilient Watershed Management RWMNairobi
1 Nov 2021GIS and remote sensing in conservancy and wildlife managementNairobi
1 Nov 2021GIS and spatial analysis for agriculture and food security trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021GIS for natural resource management trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Linking emergency aid to food and nutrition security trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Resilient livelihoods trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness developmentNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on food security in an urbanizing societyNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on agriculture, innovation and technologyNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gis and Spartial Analysis for Agriculture and Food Security SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gis for Natural Resourse Management SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on rural developmentNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on food and nutrition securityNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gis and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest monitoring and Management workshopNairobi
1 Nov 2021Linking Emergency Aid to Food and Nutrition SecurityNairobi
1 Nov 2021Agribusiness finance and risk management trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Agriculture ,Innovation an Technology TrainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture and Rural Development SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on agribusiness enterprise development and managementNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on food security, safety and qualityNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on ISO 22000 food safety management system (fsms)Nairobi
8 Nov 2021International Training on Agriculture Best Extension PracticesNairobi
8 Nov 2021Training on Agro Entrepreneurship Market FacilitationNairobi
8 Nov 2021Agricultural Value Chain Development and Market Linkages TrainingNairobi
8 Nov 2021Agriculture Training on Horticultural Crops Value Addition for Food SecurityNairobi
8 Nov 2021Food and Nutrition Security AnalysisNairobi
8 Nov 2021Training on Monitoring and Evaluation in Food Security/NutritionNairobi
8 Nov 2021GIS for monitoring and evaluation trainingNairobi
8 Nov 2021GIS and remote sensing for sustainable forest monitoring and management courseNairobi
8 Nov 2021Gender mainstreaming in agriculture and rural development trainingNairobi
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