28 Sep 2020Monitoring and Evaluation in Food Security and Nutrition Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
28 Sep 2020Monitoring and Evaluation with Data Management and Analysis for Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
28 Sep 2020Effective Approaches to Capacity Development for Better/Timely DataNairobi
28 Sep 2020Training on Child Protection in EmergenciesNairobi
28 Sep 2020Gender-Based Violence Online CourseNairobi
28 Sep 2020Community Health/Nutrition Online CourseNairobi
28 Sep 2020Grants Management Online CourseNairobi
28 Sep 2020Gender Mainstreaming, Analysis and Planning Online TrainingNairobi
28 Sep 2020Grant Management and Fundraising Online TrainingNairobi
28 Sep 2020Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems Online TrainingNairobi
28 Sep 2020Quantitative Data Management and Analysis with R Online TrainingNairobi
5 Oct 2020Quantitative Data Management Analysis and Visualisation using PythonNairobi
5 Oct 2020Effective Strategy Development for SMEs and Start up VenturesNairobi
5 Oct 2020Training on Leadership SkillsNairobi
5 Oct 2020GIS/Remote Sensing Analysis Mapping/Visualisation with Quantum GISNairobi
5 Oct 2020Advanced Microsoft Project (MS Project) Online TrainingNairobi
5 Oct 2020Financial Analysis using Excel Online TrainingNairobi
5 Oct 2020NVIVO trainingNairobi
12 Oct 2020Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques of Projects and Programmes in Agriculture and Rural DNairobi
12 Oct 2020Training in Monitoring/Evaluation of Agricultural ProgrammesNairobi
12 Oct 2020Timely Data Collection Analysis/Visualisation using ODK SPSS Stata R/QGISNairobi
12 Oct 2020Training on Disaster Risk ReductionNairobi
12 Oct 2020Training on Child Protection in EmergenciesNairobi
12 Oct 2020Protection/Gender Based Violence Mainstreaming in Project Management Online CourseNairobi
12 Oct 2020Gender-Based Violence Online CourseNairobi
12 Oct 2020Grants Management Online CourseNairobi
12 Oct 2020STATA Training CourseNairobi
19 Oct 2020Projects, Programmes and Policies Impact Evaluation Techniques for Evidence-Based DevelopmentNairobi
19 Oct 2020Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Policies Project and ProgrammesNairobi
19 Oct 2020Policies and Projects Evaluation and Impact Assessment for Informed DecisionsNairobi
19 Oct 2020ICT for Disaster ResponseNairobi
19 Oct 2020Shelter/Settlement Planning in EmergenciesNairobi
19 Oct 2020Training on Child ProtectionNairobi
19 Oct 2020Project Design using Logical Framework Approach Online CourseNairobi
19 Oct 2020Epidemiological data analysis using Stata trainingNairobi
19 Oct 2020Electronic Records TrainingNairobi
26 Oct 2020GIS/Remote Sensing in Land Cover Land Change Analysis CourseNairobi
26 Oct 2020Project Management Online CourseNairobi
26 Oct 2020Research and statistical analysis using Stata trainingNairobi
2 Nov 2020Approaches in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
2 Nov 2020Gender/Social Inclusion in AgricultureNairobi
2 Nov 2020NVIVO trainingNairobi
9 Nov 2020Effective Risk Management in Organisational ContextNairobi
9 Nov 2020GIS using ArcGIS DesktopNairobi
9 Nov 2020GIS for Natural Resource Management CourseNairobi
9 Nov 2020GIS for Monitoring/Evaluation CourseNairobi
9 Nov 2020Training on Integrated Water Resources ManagementNairobi
9 Nov 2020Agricultural Value Chain Development/Market LinkagesNairobi
9 Nov 2020Electronic Records TrainingNairobi
16 Nov 2020Monitoring and Evaluation Data Management and Analysis in Water Sanitation and Hygiene Wash ProjectsNairobi
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