29 Nov 2021Masterly in agricultural leadership developmentNairobi
29 Nov 2021Effective design and implementation of community water sanitation and hygiene wash programmesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Monitoring/Evaluation in Food Security/Nutrition Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Enhanced Spatial Data Analysis/Mapping/Visualisation using Quantum GISNairobi
6 Dec 2021Advanced Statistical Analysis Using Statistical Package for Social SciencesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Better and Timely Data Collection/Analysis/Visualisation using ODK, SPSS/Stata/R and QGISNairobi
6 Dec 2021Discrete Choice modeling through theory and practiceNairobi
6 Dec 2021Effective Communication of Research Findings with Users of Knowledge for ImpactNairobi
6 Dec 2021Effective Data Collection Management/VisualisationNairobi
6 Dec 2021Epidemiology/Bio-statistics using Stata coursesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Integrating Gender in Scientific Research to Enhance Adoption of TechnologiesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Methodology and Software for Processing and Analysing surveys and Assessments data (SPSS/Stats/ExcelNairobi
6 Dec 2021Mathematical modelling for infectious diseases in EpidemiologyNairobi
6 Dec 2021Research Methodology/Data Management/Analysis/Reporting using SPSSNairobi
6 Dec 2021Research/Data management/Statistical Analysis using StataNairobi
6 Dec 2021How Business Can Utilise Microsoft Excel Skills for Business Accounting and AnalysisNairobi
6 Dec 2021Training on Microsoft Excel Dynamic Dashboards for Efficient and Effective Management ReportingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Microsoft Excel Training For Organisations and IndividualsNairobi
6 Dec 2021Adobe Photoshop skills trainingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Expert Training on Establishing and Strengthening Farmer OrganisationsNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agricultural Training on Crop Biotechnology for Food Security and NutritionNairobi
6 Dec 2021Effective Use of Biopesticide for healthy and sustainable crop productionNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agriculture Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Development TrainingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agriculture Training on Food security analysisNairobi
13 Dec 2021Approaches in participatory monitoring/evaluation of development projects/programmesNairobi
13 Dec 2021Innovative ways of promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness developmentNairobi
13 Dec 2021Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data using StataNairobi
13 Dec 2021Data Analysis/Results interpretation/Presentation/ReportingNairobi
13 Dec 2021Information/Documentation ComplianceNairobi
13 Dec 2021Longitudinal/Panel and Time Series Data Analysis using StataNairobi
13 Dec 2021Statistical Data Analysis using Microsoft ExcelNairobi
13 Dec 2021How to Collect and Manage Research data using ODK and Kobo ToolboxNairobi
13 Dec 2021Training on Feeds formulation and milling technology for increased milk quantity and qualityNairobi
13 Dec 2021Mainstreaming Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension PracticesNairobi
27 Dec 2021Impact Assessment in Food/Nutrition Security Projects/ProgrammesNairobi
27 Dec 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureNairobi
27 Dec 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureNairobi
27 Dec 2021Computerised Mapping/Spatial Data Analysis using ArcGIS DesktopNairobi
27 Dec 2021Design/Management of Geodatabases using QGISNairobi
10 Jan 2022GIS Disease Surveillance Monitoring CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022GIS Mapping and Spatial Data Analysis CourseNairobi
10 Jan 2022Mobile Data Collection, GIS Mapping, Visualisation and Analysis using ODK and QGIS CourseNairobi
17 Jan 2022Advanced Data Visualising and Analysis using Microsoft Power BINairobi
17 Jan 2022Better and Timely Data Collection, Analysis and Visualisation using ODK, SPSS/Stata/R and QGISNairobi
24 Jan 2022Quantitative Data Management and Analysis using SPSSNairobi
31 Jan 2022Quantitative Data Management and Analysis using SPSSNairobi
31 Jan 2022Qualitative Data Management and Thematic Analysis using NVivo 12Nairobi
31 Jan 2022Research Data Collection and Management using Open Data Kit (ODK)Nairobi
7 Feb 2022Research Designing and Quantitative Data Management, Analysis and Visualisation using StataNairobi
14 Feb 2022Processing and Analyzing Surveys and Assessments Data using SoftwareNairobi
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