6 Apr 2020Livelihoods Assessment and AnalysisNairobi
6 Apr 2020Training on Agriculture Value Chain Management and Market LinkagesNairobi
6 Apr 2020Customer Care And Public Relations For Improved Organisation Performance TrainingNairobi
6 Apr 2020Training on Information Security ManagementNairobi
13 Apr 2020Computerised Accounting using SageNairobi
13 Apr 2020Strategic Thinking Analysis and Planning for Sustained Organisational SuccessNairobi
13 Apr 2020Training on Human Resource ManagementNairobi
13 Apr 2020Training on Leadership SkillsNairobi
13 Apr 2020Training on Gender-Based ViolenceNairobi
13 Apr 2020Monitoring And Evaluation Of Water Sanitation And Hygiene WASH ProgrammesNairobi
13 Apr 2020Integrating Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing Skills TrainingNairobi
13 Apr 2020Training on Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based DevelopmentNairobi
20 Apr 2020Training on Resource MobiliSation and Proposal WritingNairobi
20 Apr 2020Monitoring and Evaluation in Food Security and Nutrition Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
20 Apr 2020Training on Nutrition Sensitive AgricultureNairobi
20 Apr 2020Training Course on Resilience in Food Security AnalysisNairobi
20 Apr 2020Training Course on GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Risk Management and Climate ChangeNairobi
20 Apr 2020Training Course on Finance for Non-finance ManagersNairobi
20 Apr 2020Training on Conflict Management and Peace BuildingNairobi
27 Apr 2020Training on Procurement ManagementNairobi
4 May 2020Customer Service and Retention TrainingNairobi
4 May 2020Effective Communication and Presentation Skills TrainingNairobi
4 May 2020Effective Sales Pipeline ManagementNairobi
4 May 2020Office Management and Effective Administrative Skills Training EventNairobi
4 May 2020Training Course on Procurement Strategy DevelopmentNairobi
4 May 2020Training Course on Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness DevelopmentNairobi
11 May 2020Community Development Projects Management SkillsNairobi
11 May 2020Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management CoursesNairobi
11 May 2020Digital Marketing and Brand Online VisibilityNairobi
11 May 2020Invitation to a Training on Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies CourseNairobi
18 May 2020Designing and Conducting Surveys For Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural ProjectsNairobi
18 May 2020Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Management and Analysis in Health Sector ProgrammesNairobi
18 May 2020Training on Human Capital DevelopmentNairobi
1 Jun 2020Monitoring And Evaluation For Development Results CourseNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Project Performance EvaluationNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Gender Mainstreaming in Project ManagementNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Project Monitoring/Evaluation with Data Management/AnalysisNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Participatory Monitoring/EvaluationNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Participatory Monitoring/EvaluationNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Results-Based Monitoring/EvaluationNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Advanced Microsoft ExcelNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Advanced Statistical Analysis using SPSSNairobi
1 Jun 2020Training on Data Management/Statistical Analysis using SPSSNairobi
8 Jun 2020Quantitative Data Management Analysis and Visualisation using Microsoft ExcelNairobi
8 Jun 2020Processing and Analysing surveys and Assessments Data using SoftwareNairobi
8 Jun 2020Effective Strategy Development for SMEs and Start up VenturesNairobi
8 Jun 2020Managing and Analysing Monitoring and Evaluation Data for Development ProgrammesNairobi
8 Jun 2020Effective Project Proposal and Report WritingNairobi
8 Jun 2020Result-Based Monitoring and Evaluation TrainingNairobi
8 Jun 2020Training on Project Monitoring and Evaluation with Data Management and AnalysisNairobi
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